Estrela Mountain Dog

Country of Origin: Portugal
Breed Group: FCI :Group 2 Section 2 #173, AKC: Working (FSS), KC: (UK)   Pastoral, UKC: Guardian dogs
Occupation: Flock Guardian, watchdog, guard dog, Herding
Size: Height: 64.7 – 72 cm (25½ – 28½ inches )                             Weight: 39.9-49.8 kg (88 and 110 lbs)
Longevity; 12-13 years.
Exercise: Daily long walk
Training: Continued socialization
Grooming: Average
Colors: Fawn, wolf gray and yellow

Estrela Mountain Dog originated centuries ago in the central part of Portugal. From very ancient times this dog inhabits the Serra da Estrela (mountain in Portugal whose highest peak exceeds 2,000 m).

The true origin of the breed is lost in the darkness of time. However, this should be one of the oldest breeds in the Iberian Peninsula. Dogs live in flock, as devoted keepers, and defend them from the wolves that ravage the environment. They are also found scattered in many parts of the country, especially in Central Portugal, where they were brought from the mountains as puppies, or are derived from the original studs from mountainous areas.

Before World War II, breeders of this breed were primarily shepherds and farmers in the region. Because they were mostly illiterate, they have not made any official breed standard.
In the early 1950s, interest in this breed grew and the intention was to stimulate interest among the residents of Serra and be encouraged to adhere to the same standards of the official breed. There is no evidence that the Estrela Mountain Dog existed outside of Portugal until in 1972. Dogs that have undoubtedly left the country were probably crossed with other breeds and the standard have maintained.

In 1972 and 1973 the first specimens were imported into the United States. The UK is the first country to establish a standard breed outside of Portugal in 1972. Today, this dog can be found in many countries.

The many qualities of the Estrela Mountain Dog contributed to be able to do many things. Thanks to its smell, this became a very good hunting dog as well.
The Estrela Mountain Dog is an excellent pet. This is a very brave dog, strong and durable and has an impressive appearance and temperament of an obedient and willing dog. This is also a fighting dog, fearless of the enemy but loyal, obedient and affectionate to his owner. He is intelligent and open to training. It is one of the breeds that are extremely active and also his need for physical activity is expressed at a high level. Long daily walks are necessary to make this dog stay in shape. Estrela Mountain Dog is not recommended for apartment life. Because of the thick layer of hair that protects it. The Estrela Mountain Dogis pleased to be living outdoors if there is adequate shelter. The hair is coarse and strong and requires frequent brushing and trimming.



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