Country of origin: Germany
Registries: AKC FSS, UKC,
Occupation: Companion
Size: 25.5 to 31.5 in tall; 100
to 135 lbs
Longevity: 10 to 12 years
Exercise: Busy and active
Training: Fun yet firm
Grooming: Sheds!
Colors: Red-brown to gold-yellow

The Leonberger has bounced back from virtual extinction at the end of the second world war, reaching safe numbers in North America, Britain, Germany, and elsewhere. It was originally created by crossing the Newfoundland, St Bernard, and Pyrenean Mountain Dog, to resemble the lion on the Imperial Coat of Arms of Leonberg in Germany. Its revival from a small genetic base has been associated with the dog world’s highest incidence of two endocrine conditions: an underactive thyroid gland, and an underactive adrenal gland. This handsome, genial breed is a superb swimmer.



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