Neapolitan Mastiff

Country of origin: Italy
Registries: AKC, UKC, CKC
Occupation: Guardian
Size: 26 to 29 in tall; 140 to
170 lbs
Longevity: 8 to 10 years
Exercise: Low activity level
Training: Challenge; needs
Grooming: Easy
Colors: Black, brown, brindle, blue, grey

With a massive skull and copious, pendulous skin around the neck and withers, this unique-looking breed probably descends from Roman warrior and fighting dogs. Dogs of this great size and shape have certainly been present in the Campania region of Italy for over 2,000 years, although its numbers declined to dangerously low levels in the mid-1900s. An inveterate saliva dribbler and a curiously messy eater, the Neapolitan Mastiff is also rather stubborn and needs early socializing if it is to be a good, wellrounded family companion.



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