Prager Rattler

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Registries: FCI (National standard in the Ceskomoravská Kynologická Unie), Not recognized by any major kennel club
Breed Group: FCI: Group 9
Occupation: Great rathunter, pet for homes, companion
Size: Height: 19 – 22 cm (7 – 9 inches)               Weight: 1 – 3 kg (2 – 6 lbs)
Longevity; 12-14 Years
Exercise: Daily walk
Training: Reward-based training; agility, freestyle, obedience, tracking
Grooming: Very easy
Colors: Black and tan, brown and tan, blue and tan, lilac and tan, yellow, red and merle

The Prager Rattler is a dog breed that used to be very popular in the central Europe in the Middle Ages. By the time of rule of Polish king Boleslaw II the generous, this was already an established breed. He is considered to be the founder of the Rattler.

The popularity of this dog breed became even bigger during the 19th century when Miniature Pinchers came into fashion. The Prager Rattler is still not an acknowledged breed, because there are only 2500 Prager Rattlers registered. They normally have only 1 to 3 puppies per year.

This dog breed is also known as pražský krysařík, and is often confused with the Chihuahua and the Miniature Pinscher. This dog breed has a short glossy hair, and the most common colors of fur are tan and black. Other colors are approved as well, such as blue and tan, brown and tan, yellow, red and merle, etc. This dog breed is just 2 cm’s shorter than the Miniature Pincher. It’s ideal height is therefore somewhat between 20 to 23 cm’s, and adults can weight from 1.5 to 3.5 kg’s.

The Prager Rattler is best known for its lively and active nature. This dog breed is full of original character. These dogs are able to develop very good relationships with humans. This is a very intelligent breed and responds very well to basic commands and training. The Prager Rattler is able to adapt very good to full time indoor living, but also loves spending time outdoors. Unlike many other small dogs, the Prager Rattler are known to be very quiet.

The Prager Rattler is able to learn to perform a lot of impressive tricks and tasks – for example to use a litter box which eliminates the need of regular trips outdoors. The key of successful training of Prager Rattler lies in establishing immediate trust and respect. And even though the Prager Rattler is a small dog breed, it is very easy to train, and can be easily trained for tracking, obedience, freestyle and agility.



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