Country of Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
Registries: FCI, DRA, AKC/FSS
Breed Group: FCI : Group 2 Section 2.2 #355 (provisional)
Occupation: Herding and protection of livestock
Size: Height: 58–72 cm   ( 22.8- 28.3 inches)                         Weight: 28– 50 kg (   61.7- 110 lbs)
Longevity; 12-14 years
Exercise: Daily walk
Training: Socialize, obedience, train to be a protector
Grooming: Easy
Colors: Brown & White, Red & White, Black & White, Piebald

Tornjak is a rare dog breed and belongs to livestock protection breeds. It is very similar to other Mountain dog breeds. This is an old dog breed which was mentioned in old manuscripts from the 9th century.

In the ancient times this dog breed was called Bosnian Shepherd Dog, and nowadays is known under the name of Tornjak. This dog was also known as Croatian Mountain Dog. Bur regardless of the name, it was known as a protective and guarding dog, very intelligent and pleasant even against strangers.

Tornjak type of dogs existed in the Dinaric Alps in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the Roman times. The term Tornjak evolved from the Bosnian word “tor” (enclosed area where the sheep live).

Tornjak dogs are very large and powerful. They have a well proportioned body that is almost square. The bones of the dog are heavy. These dogs have a long and thick double coat with a thick undercoat. Tornjaks have long and thick hair which protects them against poor weather conditions. They also have a self-confident, serious and calm temperament. Tornjaks are long coated dogs with short hair over the face and over the legs. The topcoat is long and thick, and longer on the upper part of the croup.

This dog breed can be either solid colored or parti-colored. The most dominant color is white but all colors are accepted – black with yellow, brown, red.

Tornjak dogs have a very calm temperament. They are very peaceful and indifferent animals, vigilant and very alert watchdog. These dogs are not nervous and not aggressive in general. With their family they are very emotional, and when they live in pack they are highly sociable. Towards strangers or other animals Tornjaks are not overly aggressive.



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