Cao de Castro Laboreiro

Country of Origin: Portugal
Registries: UKC, FCI
Breed Group: FCI: Group 2 Section 2 Matiffs, Mountain Type #150, UKC:     Guardian Dog
Occupation: Companion and guard dog
Size: Heigth: 60 cm (24 inches)                     Weight: 40 kg (88 lbs)
Longevity; 10 – 12 Years
Exercise: at least an hour of vigorous physical activity every day, long walk, run,
Training: Obedience, firm handling
Grooming: Easy
Colors: Dark wolf colour, light wolf colour

Shepherd dog from Laboreiro originates from the village of Castro Laboreiro after which it was named. Although it has been known since ancient times, there is no certain information that would allow it to be an absolute manner determining its origin.

The origin of this dog breed is not known, although exist many legends about this breed. Portuguese club notes that all that is written about the origin of this breed is pure fiction and that there is no scientific or historical accuracy. Information about the existence of this breed and its culture does not exist in the records before the year 1900.

The expansion of Cao de Castro Laboreirois limited by the mountains of Peneda and Shuah and large rivers Minho and Lima, in northern Portugal. We find this breed at various altitudes ranging from 1.400 m and a few specimens of this breed is found also in other parts of the province of Douro.

It was the first Shepherd dog from Laboreiro exposed to an official exhibition in 1914 and the first written breed standard was made by a veterinarian Manuel Markes in 1935 year. The Shepherd Dog from Laboreiro is recognized by the Clube Portugues de Canicultura, an official Kennel Club of Portugal in year 1897.

This dog breed is poorly known in Central and Southern Portugal, where it is rarely encountered. Most breeders of this breed are in Portugal, only a few of them are in Europe ( mostly in Germany) and a few in the U.S.

Shepherd dog from Laboreiro is strong, tough and austere yet nimble and noble bearing. It is an excellent guard of flocks of sheep and cattle. It is resistant to bad weather and impassable terrain. Shepherd dog from Laboreiro is quiet and admired both as pets and as guardians of the house.

The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is hefty and powerfully built, has a thin, narrow head which is certainly unusual for a dog of this type. His eyes are almond brown. Ears are triangular, small and rounded at the top. Shepherd dog from Laboreiro has a long and exuberant tail and is holding it low.

The coat is short, rough to the touch. The hair has all the shades of gray, with or without black mask, or is colorful. The Cao de Castro Laboreirois not a dog to live in the apartment because of its temperament. It is most suitable for living outdoor, with an adequate shelter. The cost requires often combing and brushing as well as seasonal trimming.



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