Catalan Sheepdog

Country of Origin: Spain Andorra
Registries: FCI, KC (UK), UKC
Breed Group: FCI: Group 1 Section 1 #87, KC (UK): Pastoral, UKC: Herding
Occupation: Herding and as a pet dog
Size: Height: 45 to 55 cm (17 to 19 inches)                 Weight: 20 to 27 kg (60 to 80 lbs)
Longevity; 12 – 14 Years
Exercise: an hour of physical activity everyday, long walks
Training: Socialization, obedience, showmanship, flyball, tracking, and herding
Grooming: Easy
Colors: Red, Grey, Fawn, Sable, Brown, Black

Catalan Sheepdog is considered one of the oldest breeds in the Roman Empire. It originates from the area of Catalonia. In Catalonia this breed found an environment that suits them the best – rocky terrain, large herds and people who are well know to take advantage of their above average intellect

Catalan Sheepdog for centuries served as a shepherd and guardian of sheep, it is a very reliable guardian of flocks and shepherds have great confidence towards this dog breed. This sheepdog is solely Kelpie and very resistant to bad weather.

During World War II the number of dogs of this breed declined, which even caused that the Catalan Sheepdog today is considered a fairly rare breed. Catalan Sheepdog as a breed was in the danger of extinction in the second half of the last century as a result of enormous demographic changes throughout Catalonia at a time when people began to abandon their farms. Outside Catalonia, Finland, Germany and Sweden are quite unknown, but in the last few years their number and popularity is growing strongly.

Catalan Sheepdog is still used as a working dog and guard dog but is frequently encountered as a pet. This dog breed is very loyal and devoted.

This dog breed is built very firmly. He has very well developed thighs and solid and strong legs. It’s muzzle is narrow and has a characteristic conical shape. Ears are highly placed and bent. The tail can be long or short. Coat the Catalan Sheepdog is long, straight or very slightly twisted. As for its fur color, it can be gray-black, more or less streaked with black, or be composed of a mixture of black, fritillary and white hair.

Being a working dog, it is clear that the Catalan Sheepdog is a pretty energetic dog. This means that it requires constant stimulation to be busy all day. Catalan Sheepdog can live in an apartment if besides long walks it has access to a garden where he could drain out his energy which it consumes during the day. The ideal type of activity for this breed is running and training but will also enjoy in the games with family or hoofing.

Catalan Sheepdog requires first of all a very regular combing. The basic brush three or four times a week will prevent the formation of nodes and remove dead hair and dirt from the fur. Bathing should only be undertaken when it is really necessary when very dirty, and with a mild shampoo for dogs.



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