Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Country of Origin: Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan
Breed Group: FCI: Group 2 Section 2 #335, AKC: FSS, ANKC : Group 6 Utility dogs, UKC: Group 1 Guardian dogs , Flock Guards
Occupation: Used as flock and livestock guardians, Estates guards, and personal guardians.
Size: Height: 60–78 cm (24 to 31 inches)                           Weight: 40 to 79 kg (88 to 174 lbs)
Longevity; 12-14 years
Exercise: Long walk each day
Training: Socialization is a must
Grooming: Easy
Colors: Deadgrass, Rust, Grey, Brindle, Piebald, Black, White

Central Asian Shepherd Dog originates from the area between Ural, Minor Asia and northwest border of China. This dog breed mostly serves, in the area of Russia, as a livestock guardian, for the protection of their owners and some are even used in dog fights. Dog fighting, even though not legal in many countries, is actually a national tradition in many countries of some regions of Russia. Of course, these dogs’ fights are never cruel and destructive as for example pit bull type fights.

This dog breed differs in size, color, hair type, head types and similar. However, it is very important to note that purebred Central Asian Shepherd dogs have unique breed characteristics. Most specific characteristics of their body anatomy include exclusive features such as for example false ribs, strong neck, specific head set, flexible joints and expressive-almost human eyes.

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are very robust dogs, with more than an average size, great strength and power, curious and alert. These dogs are large, with short or moderately long hair and heavy undercoat. They have cropped ears, and long tail. Some of the most common colors for this dog breed are black and white or different shades of fawn. Some of them are even born with “black mask”. Next, they have very solid head, low set neck, broad body that is proportionate and muscled. Their ribcage is long. The legs are heavily boned and straight and the rumps are broad.

The Central Asian Shepherd dog is very protective and it will without any problems fight to protect its owner if needed. They are very independently minded, brave, strong and very responsible and intelligent. Even though these dogs are very large, they are at the same time very agile as well. Thanks to their territorial and guarding instincts, they are a perfect addition to any family. The Central Asian Shepherd dog is very loyal, sensitive and smart at the same time. These dogs appreciate every day exercise, and they are the happiest when they are given the responsibility to protect a piece of property.

The Central Asian Shepherd dog can be longhaired or shorthaired, but either of the versions doesn’t require a lot of grooming. However, their thick undercoat results in regular shedding throughout the year.



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