Dog nutrition

If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, then you have to make sure that your pet will eat the proper food. Dogs live among people for a long time, and they had do get used to the food whose taste, hygiene, quantity and value is determined by them.

If you go to a pet shop, you will be able to see many dog food products. Unfortunately, some products of modern food industry are very harmful for dogs. That food usually contains some ingredients and various supplements that are not harmful for the people, but they are very dangerous for dogs. Some of the dog food contains different chemicals with the addition of color or antioxidants, emulsifiers, additives, artificial flavors. You will have to inform your self as best as possible, and to avoid these kinds of food products.

There are few basic things you will have to learn when it comes to the dog feeding.

– Composition and the amount of the food should be adapted to the dog’s age.
– Meals have to be prepared so that the dog gets all the nutrients it needs
– Food must not contain any spices like mustard, hot pepper etc.
– You have to make sure that the food your dog will eat does not contain any harmful substances or supplements.
– You can feed your dog only with home prepared food. You can choose to feed your dog with carefully picked industrialized food in wet or dry form. You can also combine these two ways.
– Fresh water should always be available for your pet
– You should feed your dog in a quiet place
– Right before or after the meal you should not take your dog to a walk

If you are planning to buy prepared food for your dog, when you go to the pet shop pay attention to your dog’s weight, sex, age etc. Serve the amount of the food that is recommended from the producer. If you want to prepare the food for your dog, and cook it your self, than you should consult with the veterinarian about the nutritional needs of your dog just to be sure what would be the best solution.

This may seem too complicated, but we can assure you that is much easier as it seems. As the owner of the dog, you have to make sure that your pet is getting all essential things.
With these few basic feeding steps your dog will be very happy, and he or she will live a long and healthy life.



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