Polish Tatra Sheepdog

Country of origin: Poland
Registries: Polish Tatra
Sheepdog Club of America,
Polish Tatra Sheepdog
Club of Canada
Occupation: Livestock
Size: 23 to 27 in tall; 110 to
150 lbs
Longevity: 9 to 11 years
Exercise: Moderate
Training: Challenge
Grooming: Sheds
Colors: White

The largest of the great white mountain dogs of Central Europe, the Tatra Mountain Sheepdog (Owczarek Tatranski) is a classic flock guardian, although it was also used occasionally to pull carts. Independent by nature, it can become firmly attached to humans when raised from puppyhood as a canine companion. Its popularity, in Poland in particular, but also elsewhere in Europe and North America, has soared dramatically in the last 15 years.



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