American Pitbull Terrier

Country of Origin: United States
Breed Group: UKC: Terrier
Occupation: Hunting, Drive livestock
Size: Height:   15- 20 cm (6–8 inches)   Weight:   11- 15 kg (25–35 lbs)
Longevity; 8-15 years
Exercise: Long daily walks
Training: Socialize to combat aggressive tendencies and be sure to keep the dog under control
Grooming: Easy
Colors: Any

All over the world, from time to time, these dogs are bred, unfortunately, for fighting. This breed originates from Staffordshire terrier crossed with other fighting dogs, including extinct fighting Bulldog.

With the name of the breed, today is associated mostly hysteria. This dog breed is forbidden in Sweden, neutered, muzzled and with mandatory Indetification microchip in the UK and has a prohibition of entry to North America. The pitbull terrier is more a victim of public pressure than its historical breeding for fighting with other dogs.

Certain unscrupulous owners, using its natural inclination and strength, continue to abuse training techniques to create a combat pit bull ready to attack any animal, even humans. When still as puppies trained to obey orders, it turned out that most members of the breed can be a good dog for company.

The American Pitbull Terrier has medium length head, flattened skull, wide ears, and flat cheeks. The skull is quite wide, muscles are very well designed and the skin over the whole head fits very well with no fear to be wrinkled. This dog breed has a square, wide and deep muzzle. Jaws are normally strong and they connect to the muzzle in a square appearance. If the lower jaw is weaker, pointy snout will look longer than it is.

The American Pitbull Terrier has a broad nose, and its ears are high on the head and hanging.
Most appealing natural ears are small and pink. The eyes are round and separated, and eligible in any color. Close eyes make this dog look less intelligent. Eyelids are slightly inclined and highly pigmented. The neck is muscular, tapering from shoulders to head. The neck is narrowest at the ears and the widest in shoulders.

American Pitbull Terriers have very strong and muscular legs. The back is short and strong. American pit bull terrier with good proportions ( length -to-height ) is a nearly quadrangular dog. Too long backs make the dog too long in relation to its height. Canine ridge ( from shoulder to the beginning of the tail ) should be without skinfold and fat. The tail is very
short compared with the size of the dog. It is laid low. Cropped is not acceptable. The tail is an important center because it is a continuation of its spine. Ideal pits tail should look like a sassy old-fashioned pump. The compound of the tail to the body should be slightly lower, but not too much.When the dog moves his tail does not hang from the top of the back. The hair of American Pitbull terriers is short and smooth, and any color is allowed.



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