American Akita

Country of Origin: Japan
Breed Group: FCI:   Group 5 Section 5 ##255 (Japanese), #344 (American), AKC: Working Group, ANKC: Group 6 (Utility), CKC, Group 3 – Working Dogs, KC (UK): Working, NZKC: Utility, UKC: Northern
Occupation: Guardian
Size: Height: 58 – 64 cm ( 22 – 25 inches ) Weight: 45 – 66 kg (99- 145 lbs)
Longevity; 10-12 years
Exercise: Long daily walks
Training: Obedience because it tends to get bored quickly
Grooming: Average. (Sheds heavily twice a year)
Colors: Any color including white; brindle; or pinto

The beginning of the history of the great Japanese dogs (formerly American Akita ) is similar to the history of Japanese Akita. From 1603 in the area of Akita, Akita Mataga ( medium size dogs to hunt bears ) were used for dog fighting. From 1868 Akita Matagis is crossed with Tosa and Mastiffs. As a result, the size of Akita’s increased. In 1908 dog fighting is prohibited, but Akitas are regardless, preserved and improved as a large Japanese breed. As a result Akita in 1931 was declared a “national treasure” .

During World War II ( 1939-1945 ) the police ordered the capture and confiscation of all dogs except German shepherds that have been used for military purposes. Some fanciers tried to circumvent this command, so they crossed their dogs with German shepherds. Upon completion of the Second World War, the number of Akita is drastically reduced and there are three different types: Mataga Akita’s, Akita’s for combat and Shepherd Akita’s.

After the war, many Akita’s that showed influenced characteristics of mastiffs and German shepherds, many soldiers brought back with them to the United States . Akita’s from the Dewa line, intelligent and able to adapt to the environment, fascinated the breeders in the United States and the breed has been developed further. Number of breeders increased, the same as the popularity of these dogs.

Akita Club of America was founded in the 1956 year. The Akita’s in the United States are significantly different from those in Japan. They developed as a unique breed in the US. The American Akita is a large dog, harmonious, with a large muscle mass and heavy bones. He has a broad head, long snout and relatively small eyes and erect ears tilted forward so that they are almost flush with the back of the neck, and are the most important characteristics of the breed.

American Akita is a friendly, agile, easily trained, obedient, proud and brave dog breed. Their head is massive but in balance with the body. The head forms a blunt triangle when viewed from above. The nose is broad and black, the muzzle is broad, deep and full. The jaws are not rounded but blunt, strong and powerful. Teeth are strong with regular and full dentition. American Akita has dark brown eyes, relatively small but not prominent, almost triangular in shape. The ears are strongly erect and small in relation to the rest of the head. The neck is thick and muscular, comparatively short and widening gradually toward shoulders.

American Akita has a very thick undercoat that is soft, dense and shorter than outer coat. The outer coat is straight, harsh/stiff and standing somewhat off body. The hair on the head, lower legs and ears is short. As for the color of the fur, the most common are red, yellowish-brown, and white.



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