Croatian Sheepdog

Country of Origin: Croatia
Registries: FCI, UKC, APRI, ACR, DRA
Breed Group: FCI: Group 1 Section 1 #277, UKC: Herding dog
Occupation: an excellent watchdog, herding
Size: Height: 40 to 53 cm (15 to 21 inches)                         Weight: 13 to 20 kg (29 to 44 lbs)
Longevity; 13 – 14 Years
Exercise: Needs a lot of daily activities, long daily walks
Training: Socialization, obedience
Grooming: Easy
Colors: Black & White, Black

Croatian Sheepdog is a Croatian autochthonous breed of dog. The Croats brought this dog breed with them migrating to this region. According to written records, the look of the dog has not significantly changed since the 14th century until today. It possesses an excellent hereditary instinct for working with sheep and cattle.
The oldest record of the Croatian Shepherd – “Canis pastoralis croaticus” in 1374 – was found in the archive of the diocese, “the father of the breed” – veterinarian Prof Dr Stjepan Romic. The documents states that the Croats brought this dog breed with them in the 7th century during migration. A systematic breeding program prof. Romic started in the year of 1935, with dogs from Djakovo area. In 1969 FCI has finally accepted this dog breed as Croatian sheepdog.

Today, the Croatian Sheepdogs are mostly grown in Slavonia. They are most commonly used to turn the herd in the desired direction and to drive a herd of crops, but also easy to return runaway throat and help corral when separating the throat.

Croatian Sheepdog is a very intelligent animal with a strong need for human companionship. It has a well developed herding instinct and is an excellent guard dog.

The features of this dog breed are very similar to the characteristics of Pyrenean Shepherd: cunning, spirit of initiative, courage and extraordinary durability.

Croatian Sheepdog is of lower medium height. The back is short, straight and muscular. Belly is slightly tucked up, loins are filled, solid. The front legs are relatively short and the forelegs are long and muscular. The chest is of medium length, broad and deep. The skin is wrinkle-free and densely covered with hair. The head is relatively light, wedge-shaped, and it also has almond-shaped eyes and erect ears, small to medium size. The muzzle is always black and dry. The tail is of medium height with thick hair.

Croatian Sheepdog is temperamental dog of great energy and must be always kept in working condition. This is a lively, alert and humble shepherd dog, very intelligent and with a strong need for human companionship. It is very loyal to his owner, loving, brave and reliable.

Croatian Sheepdog is a dog that can be easily maintained. As for the hair, occasional combing and brushing with the removal of dead hair is all that is needed.



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